7 ways to #JoinTheHerd

1. Share the Campaign on Social Media

Show your support with Africa as they protect elephants from illegal ivory poaching. Share this on World Wildlife day and during this Year of the Elephant. Make this the year that more elephants are born than killed by poachers.

2. Ask World Leaders to #JoinTheHerd

Help us grow the herd to 1 million people. Tweet at world leaders and decisions makers to #JoinTheHerd using our tweet tool. We’ve made significant progress in the past year to stop the ivory trade. Ask world leaders to speak out and encourage their communities to never buy or accept ivory.

Tweet at World Leaders
3. Create your own #JoinTheHerd and share online

We all have the power to stand up for elephants. It starts with creating your own #JoinTheHerd photo below and uploading it for use as your profile photo on any social media platform — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

create yours
4. Ask your friends and family to #JoinTheHerd

We’ve made significant progress in the past year to stop the ivory trade – thanks in part to people around the world speaking out and encouraging friends and family never to buy or accept ivory. This destructive trade can only be ended if it can no longer operate in the shadows. So create your own “herd” with your social media friends and followers! Let’s make this a worldwide phenomenon.

5. Sign the pledge and be #ivoryfree

Launched in 2014, the Ivory Free movement has featured world wildlife ambassadors from The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) to Yao Ming and Lupita Nyong’o.

I pledge to join with others around the globe to never buy or accept ivory.
I pledge to spread the word to save Africa’s remaining elephants.
I pledge to support government actions to end the ivory trade.
I pledge to be part of the solution.
I pledge to live IVORY FREE.

Thank you for supporting our mission to end the illegal wildlife trade.
DONATE TODAY to help us fight the ivory trade →

6. Create a ‘Year of the Elephant Poster’ and Display It Proudly

From schoolkids to professional graphic artists, elephant lovers everywhere are joining the herd by creating their own “Year of the Elephant” image. Click here to download an elephant template to design, and check out the inspiring work of contributing artists, courtesy of Grey London.

create yours

and mail it to communications@wildaid.org

7. Be a Voice for Change

Is the ivory trade legal in your state or country? You may be surprised. Luckily, there are people just like you working to change laws and stop the ivory trade that perpetuates the elephant poaching crisis. Contact your representatives and ask: What are you doing to save elephants?

As the Year of the Elephant unfolds, this site will become a center for resources to complement the online grassroots work of our fellow wildlife advocates. For more information, visit WildAid.org.

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